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Upward Dog Colorado is a positive reinforcement-based dog training company.   The foundation of our training is the established connection between human and canine.  By focusing on that connection, you and your dog will strengthen your bond, gain trust in each other, and learn to communicate effectively.
Our goal is to provide you with the tools to have a confident and engaged dog who is physically, mentally, and socially stimulated.

Canine Training

Basic obedience dog training sessions are offered for a period of an average of 60 minutes long.


This service is offered from September 15th to May 30th. It is two hours long hike on beautiful trails of the Foothills.

Walk and Train

It is a dog training behavior in places such as a park. This training lasts an average of 60 minutes.

Elizabeth Maksymovich

Certificated Trainer
She is Elizabeth, a certified dog trainer, who is also Pet First Aid/CPR certified.  She is very passionate about helping humans and dogs live their best lives together.

Each dog, like each person, is an individual, and one size certainly does not always fit all.  She likes to see the big picture and work together with her clients to create a training plan that works for them and their dogs.  She only uses positive reinforcement methods in her training.

“The Best Therapist has fur and four legs.” - Unknown

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