Jennifer's Testimonial

Elizabeth was referred to me after I adopted two littermates from the Colorado Saint Bernard Rescue. The puppies were very bonded to each other and I was having an extremely difficult time training them to do the basic commands.

My initial evaluation with Elizabeth completely exceeded my expectations! She spent an incredible amount of time listening to my concerns and my goals and then took more time to observe the pups playing and interacting with me. I believe one of Elizabeth’s strongest assets is her approach to training – her flexibility in applying different methods that worked with me and my dogs. It wasn’t a “tunnel” vision approach – she treats every dog individually and not only addresses the problems but what’s causing the problem. She’s passionate about living well with your canine companions!

Elizabeth was committed, genuine and extremely knowledgeable about canine behavior. She really listened to me, didn’t pass judgment and always expressed herself in a very clear and easy to understand manner. Her patience was limitless, she was constantly pointing out key successes during each training session and reiterating that no matter how big or small the victory…it was building the trust and bond between me and my dogs. Elizabeth is a champion of humane, positive reinforcement and she seamlessly teaches not only the dog but the human!

As of now, we are still working with Elizabeth…my dogs are training with Elizabeth to pass the Canine Good Citizen test and become working, therapy dogs. Elizabeth (Upward Dog) is truly amazing and I’m not sure words can express my deepest appreciation and gratitude.

Jennifer S.