Megan's Testimonial

At 8 months old, my pup was diagnosed with bilateral hip dysplasia. After discussing it with my vet, we agreed on a game plan: we would try, if he wasn’t in too much pain, to put off surgery until he was 2-3 years old. I immediately contacted a physical therapist because I needed to help build his muscles and core. The PT gave me exercises that I needed to implement immediately. I was overwhelmed. I was referred to Elizabeth at Upward Dog Colorado and she’s been our saving grace! On a weekly basis, Elizabeth comes to our house and guides me and my dog through the exercises. As you can imagine, the exercises are not always fun but Elizabeth has a way of getting my dog engaged and keeping him engaged – it’s amazing! I could not have done the rehab without her and the physical therapist was amazed at the growth of his hind muscles. He’s not experiencing any pain and he’s running and playing like a puppy again! We will continue to work with Elizabeth indefinitely – she has literally changed my dog and we are forever in her debt.

– Megan E.