Our Services


Basic Obedience Sessions

Impulse Control (“Leave it”)
Recall (Coming when called)
Loose Leash Walking
Polite Greeting of People and/or Dogs
Door Manners
Reactivity Toward other Dogs or New People

In-Home Training

$60.00 Session

A certified trainer will come to your home and put together a training plan that best fits your needs. Training can move where your dog needs it the most such as training near a park for reactivity issues like greeting other dogs.

Walk and Train

$50.00 Session

Your dog receives physical activity and training (mental stimulation) that will keep him/her engaged.  A certified trainer will take your dog for a 60-minute walk while working on the connection to the handler,  loose leash walking, confidence, reactivity toward other dogs and people.

Packages Available

For any $50 service

5 packs for $225.00
10 packs for $450.00

For any $60 service

5 packs for $270.00
10 packs for $540.00